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When we get a DUI it starts two cases. One is an administrative case through the Department of Public Safety regarding our license, and the other is a criminal action where the State of Oklahoma or the respective tribal government prosecutes us for violating the law.

In the DPS case, we only have 30 days from the date of service of the revocation to file an appeal or enter into the IDAP program. After that 30-day window closes, the only option other than suspension of the license is to apply for a modified license wherein we agree to put an interlock device in our vehicle. So, to maintain your options, it is important to get with an attorney as close to the time of arrest as possible.

As to the criminal side of the matter, what I provide is negotiation, analysis, and trial practice. I would enter on your case and gather the reports and other evidence through discovery and subpoenas. I would attend for either with you or for you depending on the circumstances, where I would negotiate with the prosecuting agency on your behalf. Eventually the day will come when the prosecutor says that the offer is as good as its going to get and do we want to take it or leave it. At this point you will be presented with the best plea offer we have been able to negotiate, and an analysis of the evidence, and you will decide if you want to go forward with the possible defense or accept a plea arrangement.


Whether we are looking at a bench trial or a jury trial, and whether your DUI is enhanced through an aggravated breath alcohol content, a predicate enhancer, child endangerment, DUI Manslaughter, DUI drugs, or just a regular DUI, our team at BJ Baker Trial Attorney has plenty of experience dealing with all of these matters and can easily help you navigate these circumstances.

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